COVID-19 Procedures

Understanding the situation with COVID-19 and the precautions needed to ensure a safe environment, we are providing the following guidelines with safety as the primary concern.  

In accordance with the MDH, MSHSL and MWCA (Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association), below is the St Paul Wrestling Academy outlined plan for your child's safety in our 3 full mat wrestling room:

  • Please do no attend if your son or daughter has any Covid-19 or Winter flu Symptoms

  • Create boundaries on mat: Maximum of 12 youth kids or 8 high school kids per full mat and max of 25 wrestlers at one time in the wrestling room

  • Wrestlers must wear a mask at all times in the building and can remove them only while in the Saint Thomas Academy Wrestling Room

  • Will not change practice partner groups during practice. (Groups of 3 or 4 kids) 

  • Wrestlers will stay in their same area of the mat for every session so we can account for the locations of each wrestler

  • All coaches must wear masks while coaching inside the STA wrestling room

  • Health questionnaire to be completed by each wrestler before entering wrestling room

  • Wrestlers are required to enter the building with their practice clothing on - no locker room access provided

  • Wrestlers are required to wear masks at all times they are in the building EXCEPT for the wrestling room including accessing the bathrooms

  • Hand sanitizer from a provided hand sanitizer station to be used when entering the wrestling room.

  • Parents are to remain outside the building - Only wrestlers and coaches inside

  • Each wrestler bring their own water bottle marked with their name

  • Wrestlers will be dismissed in a staggered fashion to minimize crowding

  • All parents and drivers and when available for the youth wrestler will be required to provide a cell phone number

  • Coaches will clean wrestling mats before and after each practice – using commercial grade disinfectant spray to wipe down the mats

  • Each wrestler will put on their wrestling shoes in the wrestling room so please do not walk into the building with your wrestling shoes. If a wrestler leaves the wrestling room, a shoe washing station will be available to clean their shoes prior to going back on the mats.

By adhering to the above guidelines, we are confident we will be safe from any COVID-19 measures, and if there was an outbreak, we can trace the exact wrestlers who were in proximity to any infected wrestlers. 

Let it be known that the St Paul Wrestling Academy coaches will do everything in their power to enforce these rules. There will be zero tolerance for breaking these guidelines.